Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OSU v PSU-Ohio State Offensive Breakdown

A little later than I normally try to be with my breakdown, but in the process of moving so trying to fit everything in.

This was a big win for Ohio State.  Regardless of what anyone says in hindsight, when you go on the road and win a game that many think you will lose it is a big victory.  And when you score 24 points, have 338 yards of total offense and only 2 three and outs the entire game against a top ranked defense it is hard to argue that it was not a solid offensive performance, regardless of some specific critiques here and there.  To some of the highlights:

1.  I would actually split the game up into 3 parts in terms of assessing the offensive game plan.

--The first part is the first half.  Ohio State came out with a really nice gameplan that kept Penn State on their heels in a number of respects.  For starters, they did a really nice job with formations to counter Penn State's preferences.  Penn State likes to play their 4-3 over to the field.  Ohio State countered by putting the strength (generally the side with the most number of receivers) into the boundary.  This kept the strong safety from playing up in the box on the strong side as Penn State likes to do.  Ohio State also showed some nice playcalling wrinkles.  The quick screen passes kept PSU's safeties from cheating into the box (and would have been helpful against USC).  They also did a nice job running outside zone out of shotgun split backs.  Michigan had a lot of success doing so against PSU and OSU followed the same formula.  Basically, they let the tackle ride the DE up the field and out of the play.  Then Z. Boren would lead through the void and PSU's defense lost gap relationship between their DE and their inside players, creating large holes.  Even though they only scored 10 points, Ohio State had drives of 45 and 61 yards to go along with the touchdown series  in the First Half-which has to be considered solid production.

--The second portion is the third quarter up until the Posey touchdown.  In these two drives the Buckeyes got conservative even by Tressel standards, eschewing passing on 1st and 2d down and running exclusively Dave and zone plays.  Penn State starte making adjustments, bringing their defensive line in 'tight' to clog up anything in the middle and having (as I will talk about below) the backside LBer come off the edge and make the play unblocked without any threat of a play coming his way.  It was shades of USC when OSU got a small lead.

--The third portion is starting with the Posey touchdown pass and continuing through the last touchdown drive to make it 24-7.  As I want to get into in more detail below, in this part Ohio State did a nicej ob breaking tendencies and mixing in the run and the pass effectively.  It is an example of how a still relatively conservative , running-based gameplan can be effective and move the chains.

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2.  I want to build on the last "portion" in two ways.  The first is just looking at the last touchdown drive.  To me this is what the OSU offense should be evolving into--building on Tressel's basic philosophy ,while containing a mix of run and play action pass constraint plays off of the basic Dave and zone plays to work into a coherent whole, while use the everpresensent threat of Pryor running. 

Here is the drive series.

  1. 1st-10:  Dave right
  2.  2d-10:  Fake Dave rollout pass left
  3. 3d-10:  Dropback Pryor scramble for 13 yds.
  4. 1st-10:  Fake Dave left, reverse right to Small-14 yds
  5. 1st-10:  Dave right
  6. 2d-9:  Wildcat-zone right.
  7. 3d-3 Unbalanced twins left-Fake ISO right, rollout pass, Boren catch for 5.
  8. 1st-10:  Dave right
  9. 2d-9:  Dave left
  10. 3d-5:  Stoneburner motions right-fake Dave right, flood pattern right, hits Saine in the flat, TD.

As one can see, this is not radically different from what Ohio State had been doing earlier.  But it involved just enough variation to keep the defense on their heels--and did a nice job of using Pryor as a running threat  on the rollouts to create a further reason for the Penn State linebackers to be caught in no-man's land and open up underneath routes.  Further, it involved not only more variation, but variation in the right way--using playaction and reverses that look just like the primary plays to keep the defense from being able to know what is coming off the initial action.    

3.  Building on this, what I really liked to see was how well Ohio State built multiple looks off the initial action.  To me, this is what was missing against USC.  Ohio State has done a better job in this regard as the season has progressed and this constituted another step forward.  As Homer Smith said:
Every primary backfield action needs to threaten all 11 defenders. What a primary play needs is good counter plays. Every defender needs to be worried about the ball coming to his area - on a throwback screen, a reverse, a play-action pass, or whatever - as a play begins.

What makes a defender good is something to read. If he can say to himself something like, “As soon as that quarterback makes that half-assed fake, I’m going to find the tightend coming across and try to get an interception,” if he can read initially and react accurately, he can play over his head. Counters, not mirrored primary plays, keep defenders from reading and jumping on plays.

To me, this has often been my biggest critique of Ohio State's offense.  It was not an issue of "spread vs. pro-style" or "run vs. past balance."  Instead it was keeping defenses on their heels by playing "series football."  Too often in the past Ohio State would not have counters to their primary plays, or relatedly they would have particular formations that they ran particular plays from.  It allowed teams to do what Penn State does here, bring guys off the backside edge to the likely playside with impunity:

Unlike USC, however, this time when Penn State began to react in this manner OSU successfully countered. 
The first example is the playcalling out of the unbalanced twins over formation.  The obvious tendency for Ohio State in this formation is to run to the unbalanced side.  But OSU successfully played off of that.  First, they ran an ISO play back to the formation's weak side.  You'll see how Penn State slants to the unbalanced side, getting some penetration, but the play goes right by them, 

Then, more famously, Ohio State threw a three verticals route out of unbalanced off that same ISO action for the Posey touchdown.  Penn State's linebackers and defensive backs bit so hard on the run action that their zone became completely distorted and the only man left was the deep safety who was rolled to the twins side.  Just as three verticals is drawn up against a cover 2 safety, he had the impossible job of choosing whether to cover Sanzenbacher down the seam or Posey outside.  He went with Sanzenbacher and was too late.

Finally, on the last TD drive we use the same ISO run action away from the unbalanced to set up the rollout flood in the flat to Boren:

Not to beat a dead horse, but Ohio State did similar things with the Dave play.  Not only the Dave rollout pass, but also the reverse to Small.  Look at how the Left Defensive End No. 81 for Penn State comes screaming down the line to the point of wrapping up Saine:

So he tried to do the same thing Bowman did and the backside contain player and was burned for doing so.  In sum, Ohio State, building on their previous few games, continued to do a better job of making their plays look alike and punishing a defense that began cheating to stop their primary plays.

4.  One final word about the playcalling.  I know some critiques have been raised about the high percentage of First Down run calls.  I am going to try and have more on this later (and I think the above is more important), but I will say that saying a team runs too much on First Down merely begs the question.  If a team is consistently gaining yards then they are not running too much.  The issue is yardage gained.  As Chris Brown astutely points out, to effectively know whether a team is running too much one needs to measure the yards per carry versus the yards per pass attempt on similar downs, with a 'passing premium' built in.  I hope to find time to look at that for Ohio State this past weekend.

5.  I still think that the primary reason Ohio State is having better success sustaining drives is the decisive way that Terrelle Pryor is scrambling when opportunities are there.  Whereas before he would remain indecisively in the pocket, he now goes immediately when he sees an opening.  This is as much about coverage recognition as anything else.  Several times during the game Penn State did what they often like to do on Third Down and blitzed with a cover-1 robber defense behind it.  Each time Pryor immediately recognized the blitz and coverage, and knew there was only one person, the 'robber" in the middle with his eyes in the backfield-everyone else was locked in man coverage.  Pryor was then able to outrun that guy (even with a gimpy ankle) for big yards.  You'll see No. 5 for PSU drop into the robber position, but Pryor just outruns him.

This is the kind of dimension an athletic Quarterback can bring to the table even in a 'pro system.'  As I said before, I would be really surprised if teams play man coverage versus Ohio State going forward for this reason.  That alone is a huge win for Pryor's passing and the offense as a hole by limiting what a defense can do, and is all set up by his running ability.   He also is doing a really nice job now on bootlegs threatening the run just enough that linebackers are sucked up, opening up passing lanes behind him.  As we saw on that last series, that is making bootlegs and rolllouts a dangerous play for the OSU offense.

6.  Finally, a hat tip to the Offensive Line.  By far the best game they played as a unit.  This is especially true when they do not have a Beanie Wells back there that is going to earn yards on his own, but instead have tailbacks that are are largely able to get what the offensive line opens up for them.  Boren and Browning completely controlled the middle and largely neutralized Penn State's best defensive player, Odrick.  To me, they are both playing at an All-Big Ten level.  By far Brewster and Shugarts best games yet.  Brewster has gotten to the point where he is now able to lock down a nose guard man on man, a big step forward for him.  He is playing lower and more aggressively.  I also thought the line really 'clicked' when we were back to the original starting five at the beginning of the season with Miller at LT and Corlde at RT.  In my opinion, Miller has done nothing but perform well everytime he is playing.  For all the criticism they (and their coaches) have taken these past few years I think they deserve some credit.  

The Play-by-Play Is Below

1st-10:  Strong I right.  PSU 4-3 Miami.  Dave right.  7 technique
slanted inside.  Boren and Browning both go to him, leaving the SAM
LBer unblocked.  Saine does a nice job following right up behind
Browning and a good push is enough for 4 despite SAM being unblocked.
2d-7:  Under center 4 wide ‘10’ package.  PSU in a 4-3 over.
Dropback.  Looks like blown protection.  Line slid right but Saine
also looked right, leaving right DE unblocked.  Pryor hit as he threw.
 Ball sailed, unclear if because he was hit or just threw high.
Quick out route.  Incomplete
3d-7:  Gun 10 package.    PSU 1 high nickel.  Droback.  PSU shows a
2-deep.   Cordle speed rushed but does a nice job of riding him out.
Pryor steps up into pocket.   Curl-post on the right, smash on the
left (coverage beater).  Carter comes back as Pryor scrambles, hit
right in the hands, needs to make that cash.

SECOND POSSESSION-PSU 8 yd line-after Small punt return
1st-Goal:  Double tight end (Tight) strong I into the boundary.  PSU
in 4-3 Miami 1 high.   Dave left.  Big initial hole off of the great
double team block by Boren and Cordle.    The backside LBer is able to
get around Cordle and Boren’s double team though before one can get
off on him and makes the tackle for 3.
2d-Goal on the 7:  Tight Wing Weak I right.  WB (Stoneburner) motions
to the weak I wideside.  PSU in a eagle look.   Playaction off lead
zone right.  Out/corner route combo.  Z. Boren takes a bad angle and
whiffs on Bowman.   Great play by Pryor making him miss and running
for the TD.

1st-10:  Gun split back 3 wide (twins left)-new formation.  PSU 4-3
over to the wideside.  PSU free safety then walked up and LBers both
blitzed ‘C’ gap.  Outside zone right.  Great blocks by Shugarts and
Browning on the right side creating the hole.  Browning took the LBer
blitzing C gap and completely turned him away from the play.   Really
nice block by Z. Boren leading and sealing off the Mike.  12 yd gain.
Good play design, running the stretch into the boundary versus a team
that wants to shift their LBers to the wideside (and the formation’s
design does not give them any reason to not do so.
1st-10:  I twins left.  PSU 4-3 Miami.  Quick WR screen (lateral).
Great block by Dane outside.  If this is setting up a potential pass,
then being a lateral is okay.  If not, this ball needs to go forward.
7 yd gain.
2d-3:  I twins right.  PSU in 4-3 Miami (must have seen on tape this
is how they line up against twins).  Safeties rolled over to twins
side.   Lateral to Posey.  10 yd gain.  PSU rolls their cover 3 like
that, leaving the twins receiver uncovered.   (BTW, I think this one
should have been ruled a forward pass).
1st-10:  I right (into boundary).  PSU 4-3 over to wide side.   Lead
zone left.  Big hole.   Great block by Browning controlling the 1
technique.  Boom needed to be more patient and could have gone outside
a 1 hole for more yards.  Pryor really able to control Odrick who
comes off free with the the rollout fake.   4 yd gain.
2d-6:  Gun split backs 3 wide twins left.  PSU-4-3 Miami.  Lead
outside zone right.  Great job by the OLine.  Shugarts rides his guy
out.  Browning and Brewster double team and then Brewster does a great
job getting off and getting to the second level on Mike.  Nice block
by Z. Boren.  And could cut by Boom.  Great WR blocking by Posey and
Sanz downfield.  15 yd gain.
1st-10:  I right (into boundary).  PSU 4-3 over to field.  Boundary
corner blitz.  Dave right.  Good initial hole,  J. Boren misses the
LBer pulling, who is able to stop it for 3 yards.
2d-7:   Shotgun 2 x 2 H-back motions right to balance out formation.
PSU 4-3 under.  Dropback.  PSU brought 6.  Flood route underneath with
both TEs dragging and then Posey running an in.  Very nice pass
protection.  Nice job by Miller and Boren setting the pocket and then
great chip block by Herron on Bowman.  Pryor missed Ballard wide open
in the area cleared out by Stoneburner.
3d-7:  Ace right (‘11’ personnel).  PSU in nickel.  Speed option left.
 Note not the ‘Trey’ formation we usually run it from.    Ballard got
beat by the frontside end, completely blowing up the entire play.
Penn State in nickel had too many guys to the wideside for this to
work successfully.  3 yard loss.
4th-Punt.  Really tough to move the ball like this and then not get any points.

FOURTH POSSESSION OSU 7-0.  Own 25 yd line
1st-10:  Gun trips left.  PSU 4-3 over.  Rolled coverage.  Inside trap
right.  PSU collapsed everything but there was a huge bounce out
available to the right side.  Boom missed it though.  2 yds .  No one
ever got on the playside LBer and he stuffed the play.  M. Hall went
for the wron LBer-he blocked the Mike, leaving the Sam untouched.
2d-8:  Gun ace left.  PSU 4-3 over.  1 High safety.   Outside zone
right with a pin and pull block by Brewster.  Odrick beat Browning on
his down block, though, blowing up the play.
3d-8:  Under center.  Trey left.   PSU base nickel.  Dropback.  PSU
goes to 3 deep.  Good pocket-Pryor leaves the pocket too soon.    PSU
gets in the backfield on a delayed stunt.    Hits Small coming back to
the ball but short of the 1st down.
1st-10:  Unbalanced I twins left.  PSU Miami stack 4-3.  Dave left.
Cordle lets the 3 technique get backfield penetration, preventing
Browning from pulling.   Nice bounce by Boom making something out of
nothing.  3 yd gain.
2d-7:  Gun-Split backs 3 wide, twins right.  PSU Miami 4-3.   Lead
outside zone left.  The 1 technique got penetration past Browning  and
then the 3 technique stalemated Brewster and cut down the hole.  J.
Boren got a good block on the playside LBer, though, which created a
small crease.  3 yd gain.
3d-5:  Gun Ace riht.  PSU nickel.  PSU brought a blitz off the
backside B gap with the 3 technique stuntin inside that we didn’t pick
up.   Great recognition by Pryor.  Penn State was playing cover 1 with
a robber.  Only person that could tackle him was the Mike and he just
outruns him.  Can tell even here that he’s gimpy but still faster.
1st-10:  Own 48.  I twins left to the field.  PSU 4-3 over to the
field.  ISO right.  Good initial hole, but the NG beats Browning and
makes the stop.  Otherwise would have been for good yardage.   2 yd
2d-9:  Gun split 3 wide trips left (to the field).  PSU 4-3 over to
the field-(SS and Will on same side).  Outside zone right.  Big hole.
 Nice job by Browning and Shugarts riding their guys out and then
great job by Brewster getting his numbers to the hole and turning the
NG.  If Z. Boren could sustain the lead block better would have been a
bigger gain.  6 yds.
3d-3:  10 personnel.  PSU in nickel.  Dropback.  PSU in cover 2.
Curl/Seam route combo.  Very nice throw and catch by Pryor and Dane.
Nice protection up front.  Great block by Boom.  Very nice pocket
–great job by Brewster on the NG.  18 yd gain.
1st-10:  False start
1st-15:  Quick screen to Dane.  Hold call on Small (questionable).
1st-25:  Tight bunch left.  PSU 4-3 over.  Fake zone left, reverse
right.  Ballard pulled and led—and did a horrible job-kept looking
around rather than blocking someone.  Dane got 4, should have been a
lot more.
2d-21:  I twins left to field.  PSU 4-3 over to field.  Fake quick
screen, draw right.  Really nice job creating a hole by Ballard and
Shugarts-great block by Shugarts.  Boom gets 6.
3d-16:  Empty-Trips left, H-Back right.  PSU in dime.  Inside TE
screen.  For some reason we cannot run screens.  Here Ballard gets
ahead of all of his blockers.  5 yard gain-could have been a lot more
but blocked incorrectly—Ballard also should wait for his blockers.
(Even though score only 10-7 at half should have been a lot more).
SIXTH POSSESSION-OSU 10-7:  OSU 20 (2:10 in half)
1st-10:  Unbalanced twins right.  PSU Miami 4-3.  Dave right.  Good
initial blocking, Shugarts wasn’t able to sustain the block on Odrick,
the 3 technique who came off and made the play. 1 yd gain
2d-9:  I twins left to the field.  PSU Miami 4-3.  Lead left.
Shugarts didn’t come off the double with Browning to get the Mike.
Boom cut back but the backside tackle made the tackle.  1 yd gain.
3d-8:  ‘Wildcat’ 4 wide.  PSU 4-3 over.  Zone right.  Good initial
hole but the backside LBer came off and made the play.  3 yd gain.
SEVENTH POSSESSION:  OSU 10-7.  OSU 43.  26 seconds left.
1st-10:  I twins right.  PSU 4-3 Miami.  2 safeties high.   Sprint
draw playaction right.  Nice job by Boren and Herron on Odrick.
Created a hole TP took off for a 1st Down.
1st-10:  Gun bunch right strong.  PSU 4-3 Miami cover 2.  Dropback.
Seam-fly combo with Sanz running a fly and Ballard up the
seam-basically putting the cover 2 safety in a bind.   Good
protection-nice job by Boom on Odrick.  Good job by Shugarts on the 3
technique.  Dane was open-got in the corner before the 2 deep safety
could come over Pryor just overshot him.
2d-10:  Gun Ace trey left.   PSU nickel.  Dropback.  Nice job by
Browning and Shugarts picking up a stunt.  Very nice protection on the
left by Ballard.  Flood route left.  Small and Posey were open by
Pryor overthrew.  Not sure if his ankle prevented from throwing left.
3d-10:  Gun trips right.  Hail mary.  Knocked down.


-1st-10:  I twins right.   Penn St 4-3 stack.   Dave right.  Nice
blocking at point of attack.  Good down blocks by Cordle and Boren and
good kick out and pull by Z. Boren and Browning.  Saine missed the
cutback lane.  Still a solid 6 yd run.
-2d-4:   Ace tight bunch left (boundary).  PSU 4-3 Miami-safety walked
up to the field.  1 high to the field.  Dave let.  Great down block by
J. Boren creating the hole.  Really nice patience by Browning pulling
and waiting or the hole to get on the Mike.  Great block by Ballard
controlling the edge, and then really nice patience by Saine waiting
and bouncing outside.  15 yd gain.
1st-10:  Strong I left, motion to twins right.  PSU same 4-3 Miami
with safety playing the alley to the field.  1 High.  Counter trey
right.  Huge hole.  Browning and Brewster drove the 1 and 3 technique
completely out of the play.  PSU .  Nice hard run by Saine.  4 yd
2d-7:  Unbalanced twins right.  PSU 4-3 over to the unbalanced side.
1 High.    Dave right.  Bounce lane outside by Saine hesitated for a
minute and then Ballard lost his block.  Loss of 2.
3d-10:  Gun 10 personnel.  PSU Nickel.  1 high safety.  Dropback.
Very nice pocket.  Really nice job by Cordle and Boren.  Pryor did a
really nice job stepping up into the pocket and into the throw.
Post-curl combo.  Nice throw by Pryor right off of Posey’s hands.
Starting to turn into a trend.

1st-10:  Gun trips right, Halfback right.  PSU 4-3 over to the field.
1 high.  Zone (read?) left.  Just no movement up front.  Brewster and
Cordle weren’t able to get any push, just really nothing there.  1 yd
2d-11:  Gun split backs 3 wide, twins right (field).  PSU 4-3 over to
field.  1 high.  Dropback.  Great chip by Herron-blew M. Hall’s guy
up.  Lots of time.  Good protection by Browning and Cordle.  All curl
route.  Pryor dumps it short to Z. Boren.  Good job taking what is
there.  4 yd gain.
3d-7:  Gun ace trey right.  Halfback strong right.  PSU is in base
nickel over to the boundary (now is the time to run the speed option).
 1 high.  Dropback.  Good protection.  Nice job by M. Hall on Odrick.
Out/drag route combo.  Very nice job by Pryor stepping up into the
pocket and throwing a strike.  15 yd gain.
1st-10:  Ace wing left, 2 x 2 personnel (boundary).  PSU-4-3 over to
field.  2 high.  Dave left.  Bowman came off the back edge and ran
down the play.  Just can’t let that happen.  Blocking at the POA was
pretty good, but no chance.  1 yd loss.
2d-11:  Unbalanced twins right (field).  PSU 4-3 over to field.  2
high.  ISO left.  PSU slanted to the strongside, likely looking for
Dave, creating a huge hole.  Nice job by Cordle, Boren, and Browning
getting to the second level.  Very good call here.  Went away from
tendency of running to the unbalanced side.  10 yd gain.
3d-2:  10 personnel.  PSU-4-3 Miami.  1 high.  PSU brought 7.
Sprintout right.  Not a great job by Saine blocking the edge.  Pryor
outruns the guy but forces him to throw short on the run.  Think he
might have been able to outrun Hull.  Not sure about the call there.
Probably would have tried to run the ISO again.  PSU basically blitzed
more than we could block.   We were on the 35 there, maybe could have
gone for it.
THIRD POSSESSION-OSU 10-7.  OSU 38 yd line.
1st-10:  Unbalanced twins left (field):  PSU 4-3 Miami.  1 high.
Sprint Draw play action right.  3 verticals pass.  Safety bit in on
the playfake.  PSU’s zones were just so distorted could not handle the
3 verticals.  PSU was rolling their coverage to the unbalanced side.
So basically Dane and Posey attacked the 1 high safety like he was in
cover 2.  Nice pocket, nice job by Browning riding his guy out.  Good
job by Pryor stepping up in the pocket.  TD Posey.

FOURTH POSSESSION-17-7 OSU.  PSU 48 yd line.
1st-10:  Ace wingback bunch right (boundary).  PSU 4-3 over to field.
Dave right.  The 3 technique blew Cordle up, cutting off Boren pulling
and stringing Saine out for no gain.
2d-11:  I right.  PSU 4-3 over to field.  1 high.  Fake Dave rollout
pass left.  PSU totally bit the fakes.  Flood route left.  Tons of
time.  Pryor set his feet well and threw.  Posey was open.  Posey
needs to collect himself more and make that catch.  No need to jump
like that.   Incomplete.
3d-11:  Gun 10 personnel.  PSU 3-3 nickel.  1 high safety.  Dropback.
PSU slanted left and brought the Mike and nickel to the wideside.
Playing cover 1 with a robber.  Pryor recognizes it immediately and
then outruns the ‘rat’ for the first down.  13 yd run.  Huge run.
1st-10:  Ace tight bunch left (to field).  PSU 4-3 Miami-safety
playing backside alley.  Fake Dave qreverse to Small.  Great call
here.  The PSU backside was completely flowing to the RB.  Creating a
huge hole.  Much better job by Ballard getting out in front.  Gets 2
guys See how 81 went and tackled Saine.  14 yd gain.
1st-10:  Tight I right.  PSU 3-4 look-safety walked up to the
wideside.  Dave right.  The frontside 5 technique gets penetration
past Ballard blowing up the play.  Saine could have maybe bounced that
outside again.  1 yd gain.
2d-9:  Wildcat.  Pryor motion out to trips left.  PSU nickel.  Delayed
Dave right.  Nice hole.  Very nice lead block by Boren who completely
locks up the playside LBer.  Saine gets 5.
3d-3:  Unbalanced twins left.  PSU in a 4-3 ‘pinch’ (both DTs are in A
gap).  Fake ISO right flood route right.  PSU LBers came up on the
playfake.  Z. Boren knocks over S. Lee then makes the catch for the
1st down.
1st-10:  Tight I right (boundary).  4-3 over.  Dave right.  Saine
missed the bounce outside again.  1 yd gain—should have been about 8.
2d-9:  Ace tight bunch left.  PSU 4-3 Miami tight.  Dave left.  This
time Saine sees the bounce out.  PSU had purposefully taken to playing
everything inside leaving the bounce out lane open-Saine saw it here.
Really nice block by Ballard controlling the edge.  4 yd gain.
3d-5:   Tight Strong I right.  Stoneburner motion to Wing back right.
PSU again in 4-3 tight formation.  Fake Dave right, flood pattern
right.  Hits Saine in the flat, nice run by Brandon (had Ballard
dragging across also).  TD.
1st-10:  Tight I right.  PSU 4-3 Miami.  Lead outside zone right.
Nice job by Browning and Crodle locking up their guys.  Good hard run
by Saine for 4.
2d-6:  Tigh I left.  PSU 4-3 Under.  ISO left.  Really nice job by
Brewster controlling the NG on his own.  Good vision by Saine.  4 yd
3d-3:  Gun Trips right.  Fake bubble screen QB draw.  Hold call.
Should have just thrown the bubble screen, it was wide open.

1st-10-Gun Tight, Wingback right, TB left.  PSU in 4-3 over.  Dave
right.  No hole at all, Saine just carries two guys for 5 yards.  He
got better as the game went on.
2d-5:  Tight I right.  PSU 4-3 over.  Sprint draw left.  Good initial
hole by Boren and Miller.  But Z. Boren missed the hole and blocked
the wrong guy.  Saine ran through about 6 guys though for 10 yards.
1st-10:  Tigh I left.  PSU-4-3 Miami.  Lead zone left.  Good initial
hole, but Cordle is unable to sustain his block.  Stopped for 2 yd
2d-8:  Tight I left.  PSU-4-3 under.  Dave left.  Great down blocks by
Boren and Miller.  There was a big cutback hole by Saine missed it.  3
yd gain.
3d-5:  Ight I right.  4-3 Miami.  Lead zone left.  Nice job on the
right side, but Cordle loses his block, cutback closes just a hair too
1st-10:  Tight I right.  PSU 4-3 Miami.  Dave right.  Great vision by
J. Hall finding the cutback hole and hitting it immediately.  6 yd
gain.  Such a difference.
2d-5:  Tight I right.  Dave right.  PSU slanted left, creating a huge
hole.  Really nice job by Moses pulling.  15 yd run by J. Hall.
1st-10:  Tight I left.  PSU-4-3 under.  Dave right.  Backside
penetration blows up the play.


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