Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maple Street Press Preview Out

I'm giving myself a shameless plug and promoting the Maple Street Press' 'Buckeye Battle Cry,' their annual in-depth preview for the 2010 Buckeye season. 

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to write an article for the preview edition, titled "Meeting of the Minds: Jim Tressel, Terrelle Pryor, and the 2010 Ohio State Offense."  The article previews the 2010 offensive scheme by reviewing the up's and down's of the 2009 season schematically, through the hodge-podge scheme against USC, to the attempt to run a "spread-to-run" offense against Purdue, and then culminating in the Oregon victory.  I focus on what made OSU so successful against Oregon, namely adopting two 'series' based schemes built around the combined threat of the OSU inside run game and the pass/run threat Terrelle Pryor presents on the edge.  I expect we will see more of this to come in 2010.  But if you want to check out the full article I highly recommend picking up the magazine--lots of great stuff for the 2010 season!

My next project is--building on this article and after reviewing the spring game--is to lay out the primary plays that make up the Buckeyes' offense.