Monday, October 26, 2009

OSU v Minny Game Analysis

So I'm trying this format so I can put some videos with my points and hopefully make things more clear-let me know what you think! BTW-like a kid with a new toy I got hooked on making video clips, so definitely a lot to go around!

Obviously a much better game in so many ways.

1. Have to start with TP. Many have obviously made theses points, but he just flat out made some huge strides forward in this game. When we were hoping that he would build on what he did in the 4th quarter against Purdue, it looks like he did so. He was so much more decisive. He stayed in the pocket and stepped into his throws, even with rushers on him. We did not see that at all against Purdue until the Fourth Quarter. Here, he did that nearly the entire game. I only saw maybe one throw off his back foot. He also for the most part did a nice job when he was rolling getting his shoulders turned to make the throw. I again only saw once where he did not get his shoulders turned. When he decided to run, he was decisive and tucked and ran. And he got upfield. That was almost as impressive. You can tell he made a conscious decision (and was coached!) to get upfield and not automatically run out of bounds. Some examples below.

Here is a great example of Pryor staying in the pocket, stepping into the throw, and delivering a strike to Posey on a curl route with an incoming rusher:

Pryor's reads were also better. Here is a good example. This is the first possession of the game and a good example of a coverage beater. We run a ‘spacing route’ to the right side, which is very good against cover 3, man, and double slants to the left side, very good against cover 2, man. Pryor sees middle of the field open (MOFO), meaning 2 deep, and goes to the double slant side. Hits the outside slant because he’s reading the no. 2 underneath defender who jumps the inside slant. Steps into his throw and puts it on target. Nice play design and execution.

Finally, his TD throw to Posey on the rollout was a great job by him. First he makes a great read. They jump the out route that we kept throwing to Dane on this play, leaving Posey open behind. Then he gets his shoulders square, sets his feet and throws a great deep ball.

One can claim that well, yea but it was Minnesota, but that I think ignores the larger picture. Pryor stepping into his throws, stepping into the pocket, being decisive has nothing to do with the opponent and everything to do with him and execution. If he continues to do this this offense will be a lot more successful. Granted, he still locks onto Posey way too much instead of going through his progressions, but how he played on Sat is a big step forward.

2. I really liked our formationing and play calling this game, in particular the mixing of the spread and I. In particular I like three things we did out of the I-

a) OSU did a nice job of breaking tendencies out of pro style formations. We passed 7 or 8 times out of either the I or the two TE bunch set we run, in 4 different ways-we dropped back, and we also ran 3 different play action passes-a sprint draw, a naked bootleg off of zone action, and then the Dave rollout pass I discuss below.

b) We went almost exclusively to a 'twins' formation in 'I'. Minnesota's reaction to this was to spread their Will LBer out to our inside receiver and bring their CB up over the TE. So essentially with our formation use we traded out a LBer for a CB in the box, which is a nice trade (as you'll see in the video below). I don't know if this was something they saw on film, but it will be interesting to see how teams defend us out of this set in the future.

c) As some may recall I was arguing in favor of more bootlegging and rollouts last week, and got my wish answered, LOL. But I will say we were hugely successful doing so. Just focusing on the 'fake Dave' play I discuss below, we ran this play four times. Pryor was 3-3 on those pass plays for about 60 yds and a TD, and also had one run for 12 yards. Minn bit hard on every play fake, and then, when they realized Pryor was rolling out, became more concerned with containing TP then their pass responsibilities, leaving huge holes in the intermediate zones that Dane was able to exploit.

Part of the success of the rollouts was the play design. The best bootleg and rollouts are those that look exactly like their run counterpart. Here, this is exactly what OSU does. As you can see below, we fake the Dave play, with the backside guard pulling and the line blocking down. Pryor then continues rolling out with the guard leading. We can then run any number of route combos off of this, though the favorite seems to be a smash variant with an out and post corner combo.

Then, later in the game after we had hit Dane several times underneath, you'll see the safety jumps the out route, Pryor makes the right read, and hits Posey deep.

OSU also did a nice job countering tendencies in the spread game, particularly the speed option. First we motioned the TB from the weak to the strong side to try and throw off the pre-snap reads for the speed option. Then we ran a counter play several times.

In sum, I like where the offense was this game. I personally am a fan of mixing the 'spread' and 'pro-style' formations and don't see any reason why it can't be done successfully. OSU did it well in '05 and '06, and other teams have had success with it, such as Oklahoma. The plays out of both are largely the same for the line and receivers, so it does not increase practice time, but it gives the defense two things to think about and takes advantage of the strengths of both formations.

More subtly, one can see an influx of new ideas that are making the offense a more integrated whole. We are starting to address some of the criticisms raised after the USC. We are not as formation predictable. We are doing a far better job with 'constraint' plays, such as counters, reverses, and bootlegs off of our primary plays. I like the increased amount of play action passing and boots. Right now Linebackers are biting big time on the play action. As they start to have to respect that, it should open up holes for the running game. Our plays, as described with the Dave pass play, are starting to look like each other. For example, I don't know if you would see the variety of counters we have shown to the speed option play in years past--we are doing a better job of not giving away tendencies. We are also seeing more integrated 'coverage beaters' type routes.

In sum, I think that the offense is growing conceptually and strategically from where it was last year as well, and hopefully look for this to continue.

3. The Offensive Line played far, far better. Before going into individual performances, you can tell that the line grew as a group and were really coached up this week. For the first time in a long time, we were really effective in short yardage. Granted, its Minnesota, but it was still a step forward when we run what everyone expects and still execute:

Look at the push Ballard, Cordle, and Boren get down blocking, and then the great job by Browning pulling...

Basically they functioned better as a unit this week. There were not the same number of blown assignments or misreads.

As to individuals:

--Cordle: He definitely deserved the offensive linemen of the week. To step into one of the toughest positions on the football field and perform like he did is very impressive. He had a very 'quiet' game, which as a linemen is a good thing. Nothing flashy, but executed his assignments and didn't have any breakdowns. He effectively controlled the edge on pass plays. He also played by far the most phsyical in the run game then I have ever seen him do.

--Ballard: Argh! Ballard makes me want to pull my hair out! The most inconsistent person imaginable, but when he plays well, he's really good. Well, the really good Jake showed up this week. In all seriousness, I have to give him props for stepping up after a terrible game at Purdue and playing really effectively. The best I have seen him done in pass protection by far. As I will discuss later, because OSU often uses a pure slide protection, the TE is often more important in pass blocking then the other linemen because they are sometimes out on an island with the DE. Ballard did an effective job for the most part doing so and deserves credit for it.

--Shugarts: When I say the line got a lot of coaching this week, you can tell J.B. got A LOT of coaching this week. Far better performance by him. He is obviously having trouble with speed rushers. So they had him cut block speed rushers quite a bit. This freed him to not overcommit to stopping a speed rusher and then getting beat inside. He also did a better job using his feet when he did pass block, and only got beat inside once. If he continues to work on his pass blocking he can be very good, because he's already a very good run blocker.

--Boren and Browning: I put them together because they are the two I don't worry about. Absolute road graders in the running game. The difference was they rebounded from their subpar performance against Purdue and got back to playing at, what I would say, is their all-Big Ten performance level. They are also really starting to play smart and understand thing conceptually. With Browning especially, you can tell that he is really starting to understand how to find the hole when he is pulling. And then, once either of them get through it, they blow up linebackers.

As you'll see on the first play, it's a trap in which they do a nice job dealing with a pinching 3 technique. Boren, rather than letting the DT pinching go free, stayed on him for a second to slow him down until he could pass him off to Browning. And then still got to the LBer. Browning did a nice job then controlling him. The on the second play, we run a zone play with a fold block by Browning. Look how Boren drives out the 3 technique and Browning drives back the LBer...

Brewster-I saved Brewster for last because I don't have much to say about him, and in this case that's a good thing. He is becoming more and more dependable and starting to reach the Boren and Browning level. He's playing with much better pad level and not getting driven back by NGs.

In sum, like Pryor, everyone linemen turned in a better performance. If this continues we have a chance to have a decent offense by year's end.

4. I was impressed with Hall and Martin. In particular, I really like how both run the 'Dave' play and think they do it better than their more senior counterparts. Dave is not a zone play-its one quick read and then go-you have to follow right behind your pulling guard. If you don't, its too slow to develop and gets stuffed. Look at how quickly Hall makes his decision and goes:

Similarly, here's Martin on his TD run:

5. And finally, OSU does in fact run the zone read, LOL, and has for some time This was a great run by Pryor. Minny actually had this defended well. They ran a 'scrape exchange' on the backside, meaning the Backside DE and the OLB trade responsibilities, in order to throw off the QBs read. The OLB was in a good position to make a tackle on Pryor, but then Pryor turned on the jets...

Pretty impressive, and the kind of thing that people don't even notice about him because he makes it look easy.

6. In sum, this was a step forward by everyone--the coaches in terms of scheme, conceptual playcalling, and breaking tendency, and the players in terms of execution. I again grant its Minnesota, but many of these things fall on the coaches and players, and not who they are playing. I consider this game a step forward and if we can continue to build on this, it could be a good November...

The Play-by-Play Summary (Through Pryor's Possessions) After the Jump...

First possession- OSU 22

1st-10: strong I right, twins left. Minny in a 4-3 over. Iso rt.
Browning got beat, z boren fell and then brewster got beat across his
face blowing up the play

2d-9: gun ace h-back rt. Minny Ina 3-4. Then snuck up the safety to
bring 2 off the right edge. Like every team has done to us. We do a
nice job sliding the line left with ballard staying in. Cordless and
boren do a nice job locking up the blitzers. Pryor just makes one read
on the right side then tucks And takes off. I like how he is decisive
about it at least. 3 yd gain.

3d-7: ace strong h-back left. Minny has 8 to to the line showing
cover 0. They brought 6 with one spy. The line slides right much
better jon again, shugarts actually cuts his guy. Ballard does a nice
job on an island on the blitzer nice pickup by boren. We run a
switch route on the right-posey runs an in and Dane an out. Dane is
left open, both go w posey, but pryor never takes his eyes off posey
and tries to thread the needle. Incomplete.

SECOND POSSESSION: 0-0. OSU Starting Position: Own 9 yd line
1st-10: Gun, Ace left. Minny in a 4-3 under to the twins (weak) side). Outside right. Very nice seal by Ballard on the outside-he sealed off two defenders! Nice crackback block by Small as well, Saine able to turn the corner, 6 yd gain.
2d-4: Empty –trips right. Minny in a 4-2 nickel. Shugarts cuts his guy successfully again, very nice job by Cordle on the right side. Here is a perfect example of a coverage beater. We run a ‘spacing route’ to the right side, which is very good against cover 3, man, and double slants to the left side, very good against cover 2, man. Pryor sees middle of the field open (MOFO), meaning 2 deep, and goes to the double slant side. Hits the outside slant because he’s reading the no. 2 underneath defender who jumps the inside slant. Steps into his throw and puts it on target. Nice play design and execution.
1st-10: Ace right wing right (H-Back inside of TE). Minny in a 4-3 over with LBers shifted a gap over to the strongside. Springt draw right. Browning gets beat across his face, preventing Boren from getting to the playside LBer. Then J. Boren gets beat late. Saine has to hit it up quicker.
2d-10: Gun Empty-trips right. Minny in nickel with the LBers outside the tackles. Shugarts cuts his guy again. Cordle gets beat and runs his guy around. Pryor does a very nice job of stepping up in the pocket and delivering the in-route. Just thrown behind Posey. Looks like a curl/in combo on the left side. Pryor again staring down Posey.
3d-10: Ace right. Minny in a nickel under, with 2 guys again walked up to the wide side (outside Ballard). Roll protection left, nice blitz pick-up by Saine, Shugarts does a nice job. Minn stunts in the middle and the 3 technique bulrushes Brewster and drives him back, forcing TP out of the pocket. He then just makes a great individual run to pick up the first down. Should have been a late hit call. 12 yd gain
1st-10: Ace trey left: Minn walks up the safety into a 4-3 over look. Zone read left. Pryor makes the correct read. Decent blocking up front initially-Saine misses the hole in the ‘C’ gap inside of Ballard though and instead strings it out. Dane misses his block and the safety then then comes up and stops him for negative yards. 2 yd loss. Saine needs to punch that through the hole.
2d-12: Empty-Trips right: Minny same defense against this-the two backers are both playing in space outside the tackles. Much better job by Shugarts using his feet. Cordle doesn’t get an effective initial punch though, and gets beat outside. Pryor does a nice job of first stepping up in the pocket, then scrambling. 4 yd gain.
3d-7: Ace left (H-back left). Minny playing with blitzes again. In a 3-4: Showing blitz in the A-gap. End up rushing 4. Minn stunts right and we don’t pick it up. Shugs stays locked on the DE coming inside, leaving Browning free chasing the 3 technique looping around. All-curl route. Minny is in a two-deep, this play should not be good against this coverage (because, generally you have a 5 man horizontal route-the three curls and the flat routes, against 5 underneath defenders), but Posey does a nice job getting deep enough to get between the 5 deep under (who snag too much to Sanz) and the deep safeties. GREAT JOB by Pryor. He stays in the pocket, steps into the throw with the DT coming right in his face, and delivers a strike to Posey on a curl. One of the best jobs I have ever seen him do, great stuff! 15 yd gain.
1st-10: I twins left. Minny in a 4-3 over with the LBer out on Dane. Fake Dave left, Rollout left. Great play call. Minny’s LBer over Dane bit so hard on the fake he was on the LOS and got caught up in the wash he didn’t even need to be blocked. Then Minny’s LBers are all more concerned with Pryor running then playing pass defense. Dane is WIDE OPEN on the outroute. Would like to see the ball thrown a little more inside so that he could run with it but very well executed. Love the bootlegs and rollouts with Pryor. 15 yd gain.
1st-10: Ace trey left weak-Saine then motions into strong-trying to do this so that Minny doesn’t overcommit to defending the speed option-trying to mess with their keys. And it works because they are in a 4-3 over-a ‘balanced’ defense. Nice blocking by Shugarts and Ballard-Pryor actually cut up inside too fast-he didn’t attack out at the force player—but then makes a really nice individual run bouncing it outside for 8 yards.
2d-2: Strong I right, twins left. Minn 4-3 over-with their WILL outside the box splitting the diff with Dane. Their CB is up on the LOS. Dave right. Huge hole. Nice job by Z. Boren kicking out the corner, then big hole inside. Saine sees it, but doesn’t hit it hard enough. Still gets enough for a 1st down. Great push by Shugarts and Browning at the POA.
1st-10: Empty-trips right with a deep slot. Minny in a double egale look-showing blitz. They zone blitz left, drop 2 guys right to try and mess with Pryor’s reads throwing the double slant. The slant is there, though, a tad high but Posey has to make that catch.
2d-10: Ace right weak. Minn in a 4-3 over with the Will playing outside the box splitting the difference. Outside zone left. Good patience by Saine, not much initially but then Shugarts and Browning are both able to pancake their guys. 4 yd run.
3d-6: Ace trey left weak. Saine motions left. Minny in nickel. Big hole initially, Pryor needs to hit it harder. Very nice playside blocking. The backside tackle is able to come back into the play under Boren leading Pryor downfield and make the tackle just short of the first down.
4th-1: Double tight I right. Minny in goaline 5-3. Dave left-Nicely executed. Boren is the key here-he really blocks back on his guy, creating the hole. Cordle does a nice job with this also. Then Browning does a great job pulling, finds the hole, and sets up and screens off two guys. Saine shows very nice patience, and cuts inside of Browning’s block. Very nice execution in short yardage. First down.
1st-10: Ace treay right weak. Minny in a 3-4 showing nickel blitz off Ballard. Motion right. Nice misdirection off the option-Pryor cuts it right up behind Brewster. Pryor should have just gone right upfield, and maybe got 4 or 5. Instead strings it out and got 1.
2d-9: Under center-Ace left. Minny in a 4-3 over with LBers shaded wideside. Dropback. The line slides right. Shugarts cuts his guy again. Looks like it was a fake slant to 3 verticals play. Nice throw by Pryor, tough catch but Posey should have had that one. If Pryor would have just waited a little bit more he would have had Saine wide open in the flat as he was check releasing.
3d-9: Ace trey right weak-Minny showing cover 0-8 guys in the box. Saine motions strong-Minn is in man coverage because the safeties flies over following him. Fake speed option right, QB counter left. I like the play design, nice call off the speed option, but just too many guys in the box. TP makes a nice move in the backfield though, I think he could have gone straight up the field for big yards. Instead tries to get to the corner, and runs right into where Cordle has his guy sealed off.
1st-10: 4 Wide-trips right weak. Minny backers shifted to the trips side sneak FS into the box for a 4-3 over look. Zone read left. Saine hits 1 hole inside but then makes a great run right through an arm tackle for a 15 yd gain. Nice blocking at the POA by Brewster and Boren on the double team.
1st-10: Under center-Ace double tight bunch left. Minny 4-3 under. Zone right. Nice job on the left side. Very nice blocks by Boren and Miller riding their guys down and nice job by Z. Boren getting enough to create a hole. Stoneburner gets a nice stalemate on the backside. Saine sees the cutback lane and hits it hard. 6 yd gain.
2d-4: Gun-4 wide trips left weak. Minny nickel shaded to the trips side. All curl route. Nice job up front creating a pocket. Nice job by Miller and Adams moving their feet. No one really open against this on the 2 deep/5 under. Pass Interference call.
1st-10: Minn 46. I strong right-Miss 4-3 under. Play action sprint draw right. Great protection. Miller just destroyed the backside DE. Strongside flood route. No one open. Could have again waited a minute and had Saine on the checkdown route WIDE open. Saine maybe should release a count earlier. Pryor could have also run.
2d-10: Gun-Ace trey right strong. Minn 3-4-the line is shaded weak and they walk their SAM and safety up to blitz the strongside. They both blitz. Quick screen to Posey on the weakside. Nice run by him for 5.
3d-5: 5-wide-trips right. Minny nickel with their LBers outside the Tackles. Zone blitz. We don’t pick it up. Miller goes for the inside guy who then backs off into coverage, leaving the blitzing LBer unblocked. He tips Pryor’s pass, who was throwing a hitch route to Saine.
1st-10: Ace trey right weak. Hall motions to strong. Minny in a 4-3 under. Shift a gap over on motion. Fake speed option reverse. Good constraint play off the motion. Great job by Minn backside DE maintaining contain. Late hit. 15 yd penalty.
1st-10: Gun-wing left, twins right strong. Minny in a 4-3 under. Play action left. Nice job by M. Hall in pass pro moving his feet and setting the pocket. We run the Z-out fly combo we always do out of twins. Pryor loves throwing the out. The CB and S both jump the out, leaving Posey wide open. TD

1st-10: Four wide-trips right strong. Minn in nickel shaded to the trips. Trap left. Minn actually had the perfect call against the trap-they slanted right into it. But a great job by Boren and Browning. Boren, rather than letting the DT pinching go free, stayed on him for a second to slow him down until he could pass him off to Browning. And then still got to the LBer. Browning did a nice job then controlling him. Nice hard run by Saine. 6 yd gain.
2d-4: Four wide trips right strong. Minn nickel shade. Zone left with a fold block by Browning. Browning is a beast in the running game. He drove the Mike 5 yds back. Very nice job by Brewster blocking back as well. And Boren destroyed the 3 technique and drove him 4 yards to the sideline. 4 yd gain. Terrible spot
3d-1: Sneak-Our Line just drove them off the ball. Great push by Boren and Cordle.
1st-10: Ace trey right strong-Minny shows 3 on the wideside outside the TE. Bring 5. Dropback. Very nice pickup by the line. Good job by Hall in pass pro. Great deep ball by Pryor-nice play by Minn’s DB. Still think that may have been a catch.
2d-10: Ace trey right weak. Motion to strong. QB sweep right. Was designed to go to C-gap. Nice job by Pryor at least threatening the hole than bouncing. Holding call. I don’t see a hold
2d-6: I strong right, twins left. Minn 3-4 over. Showing two to the wide (twins side)> Both blitz. Play action-fake zone right, naked roll left. Minn brought 6, the blitzing Safety was able to get inside of Boren. Pryor never sets his feet. If he does he has Posey wide open who got way behind the corner. He had time to turn and set his feet also. Really the first time I’ve seen him have bad footwork this game.
3d-6: 5 wide-4 WR left. Minn in a 4-1 in the box. QB draw. Big hole. Browning owned his guy at the POA-drove him inside creating a huge hole. 9 yd gain, 1st down.
1st-10: Strong I right, twins left-Minn 4-3 over w/ Will playing outside the backside T. I like this formation. If we get teams to trade out a LBer for a CB playing in the box I will take it every time. Dave right. Hall missed a huge hole outside! He could still be running. Great kickout block by Z. Boren on the CB.
2d-8: Ace right/H-back right weak. Minny in a 4-3 over shaded wideside. Dropback. Shugarts got beat inside (first time I have seen it today) but Pryor stayed in the pocket and set his feet. ‘Levels’ concept outside. Threw it behind Sanz, who was open, would have scored if on the money.
3d-8: False start on Shugarts.
3d-13: Strong I right, twins left. Minny in nickel. Placaction zone left. Good protection. Nice job by Cordle. Throws to Hall on the underneath out (looks like a flood type route). Hall could have cut back to the middle for a big gain.

1st-10: I twins right-Minny in a 4-3 under with their nickel back over the TE. Play action Fake Dave left, roll left. Minn’s LBers again commit to the run. Minn’s safety completely bites too, then they are so concerned with Pryor running they don’t even try to get back. Dane is wide open again on the out cut. We ran the switch again where Posey goes in, Sanz out. Great play design that looks exactly like the run.
1st-10: Five wide trips left. Minn showing 6 up. Minny shows a weird delayed zone blitz that fools Cordle. He comes back and knocks the guy out of Pryor’s way so he can roll left. He sets his feet and throws a strike to Dane coming across the field. Great job by Pryor getting his shoulders turned so he could throw downfield.
1st-10: 5 wide-Trips left-Minn same defense with the LBers playing outside the tackles. Dropback. Good protection. Better job by Shugarts moving his feet and maintaining his block. Pryor waits forever for something to open up. Pryor should have tucked that and ran. He waited too long to make a decision.
2d-12: Ace H-Back left weak. Minny-4-3 over shaded wideside. Dropback. Nice pocket great job by Cordle on the backside. Outside curls with a seam route. Nice job by Pryor stepping up in the pocket and delivering it right on the numbers to Small.
3d-1: Ace trey left weak. Minn base nickel. Fly motion strongside. Fake speed option right inside counter. Hole is there, then quickly closes. Look at Pryor lower his shoulder to get the first down! Great to see. 4 yd gain. Big hole if Brewster gets his block. LBers were flowing hard by Brewster missed him.
1st-10: Ace trey left strong. Min balanced nickel. Good initial protection, then Ballard leans too far forward and gets beat. Great play by Pryor-getting out of the arm tackle and then throwing it away.
2d-10: Ace trey strong left-Minn-4-3 over with safety walked up. Delayed safety blitz, they bring 7. Nice job by Ballard and Shugarts on the backside edge. Great job by Pryor steppong into the pocket with an unblocked blitzer coming and delivering the outcut to Posey BEFORE his break. 15 yd gain
2d-10: Ace trey strong right. Minny 4-3 under-safety blitz SS . Line slides right. Nice job by Ballard on the DE. Pryor has time steps into the throw and just throws it too late and inside to Dane for the INT. Could have had him if he threw it to the corner in stride.

First Possession-Minn 31
1st Ten-Ace bunch left-Minn in a 4-3 under. Dave right. Great job by Hall hitting the power play quickly and cutting it back outside. The Power play is not a zone play-should be one cut and go. Very nice run by J. Hall. 15 yd run
1st-10: Ace wing right-Minny 4-3 under. Zone right-Nice seal by Browning to create a hole and good strength by Hall running through an arm tackle. 3 yd gain.
2d-7: Ace trey left weak: Minn comes down into a 3-4 look. Zone read left. Minn actually runs a scrape exchange here—basically the DE and LBer trade assignments to try to throw off the zone read, but Pryor keeps it and then just beats the LBer outside. Great athletic play. TD
Second Possession: OSU 14-0. Own 25.
1st-10: Ace trey right strong. Minn 4-3 over. Zone left. Not much of a hole there, too much stalemate. 2 yd gain
2d-9: I twins right-Minn 4-3 over-with the LBer over the No. 2 WR and the CB over the TE. Fake Dave right, roll right. Very nice job by Boren turning back and picking up the inside rusher and then great job by Pryor being decisive and tucking and running. 12 yd gain.
1st-10: Unable to tell because of ESPN need to constantly show clips. Zone right I believe. There was a nice hole for 5 yds.
2d-5: Double tight wing left. Minn 3-4. SS blitz. Zone right. Minn slanted right into the play and get backside penetration. Not much that can be done there. 3 yd loss.
3d-8: Ace trey right strong. Minn in cover 0 with 8 up. They bring 7. Line slides left and does a nice job of picking it up-nice job by Boren, Browning, and Brewster. Give Pryor enough time to throw. He opens up too wide again throwing left, though, and overthrows Posey.
Third Possession: OSU 14-0. Starting on Minn 22.
1st-10: Ace trey right weak. Minn has 8 up again. Dropback. They bring 7. Line slides right, but Hall picks up the widest man, leaving the DE coming unblocked. Pryor has to scramble and throw to Posey for a negative play. Minus 3.
2d-13: Ace trey right strong. Minn in 4-3 over. Speed option right counter. Unbelievable move by Pryor in the hole, broke the LBers legs, cut around the backside and scored. Called back for holding on Posey though.
2d-5: I strong left, twins right. Minn in 4-3 over with the LBer and CB walked up over the TE. Dave left. Minn slanted left creating a big hole, and then nice job by Hall seeing the hole right away and hitting it. Just missed a big gain. 3 yds
3d-1: Double Tight I right. Minn in a 4-4 under look. Great down block by Boren and Brewster-drive the NG back 3 yards. Nice pull by Browning and then Hall follows him through the hole and hits it quickly. I really like how he runs the Dave play. Doesn’t pitter patter around on it. 3 yd gain.
1st-10: I twins left. Minn in a 3-4-showing blitz off the wideside (twins) edge. Dave right. Huge hole. Ballard and Browning absolutely destroy their guys on the right side, Boren comes through and cleans up. Then Hall again follows right behind Boren quickly and scores.
Fourth Possession: OSU 21-0. Own 31
1st-10: Tight bunch right-Minn in a 4-3 under. Backside safety walks up. Dave. Hall slips in the backfield and then Boren misses his block pulling on the playside backer. No gain.
2d-10: Gun Ace trey left weak. Minn 4-3 over. Fake zone left, bootleg right. Browning pulls playside to lead. Browning does a nice job screening the DE, then Pryor steps up and fires a bullet on an out to Posey. 11 yd gain.
1st-10: I twins left. Minn in a 4-3 over with the weakside backer in space, the CB over the TE. Playaction, fake Dave left, roll left. Minn again bit hard on the Dave fake. The LBer comes flying up from over Dane again. Sanz is wide open on the out, but then the safety jumps it leaving Posey open on the Post-Corner behind him. Great reaction by Pryor to Minn reacting to us continually hitting Dane on that play. Pryor does a nice job again getting his shoulders turned rolling left.

1st-10: I twins left: Minn in the same 4-3 over look shaded to the wide side. Dave right. Just a nice hard run by Martin, ran the first two guys over for 6 yards.
2d-4: I twins left. Minn 4-3 under. Looks like they finally flipped their CB and LBer. Dave right. Really nice blocks by Homan and Moses leading and then again nice job by Martin hitting the hole quickly and vertically. 4 yd gain, first down.
1st-10: Tight bunch right. Minn. 4-3 over with CB walked up. Fake Dave right, reverse left, with Ballard pulling and leading. Very nice run by Small. This is a good counter to the Dave out of the tight bunch. 6 yd gain.
2d-4: I twins right: Minn 3-4 look. Dave right. Great run by Martin following up right behind Browning, seeing a crease and then hitting it. That is how that play should be run! TD.


  1. Fantastic...fantastic blog man. This is the type of thing that I have been hoping an Ohio State fan would put together and work on.

    I follow buckeye football pretty deeply, if you need ANY help with the blog let me know. I am a pretty good defensive analyst (if I can say so myself).

    In anycase, email me at so that we can talk about any help or any additions you would like to make to the blog.

  2. This blog is awesome. I just found it through Buckeye Planet. I really enjoy the play by play. Keep it up.

  3. Wow. Amazing blog! keep 'em comin!

    Love the videos.

  4. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. Hopefully I will be able to continue to bring some good analysis to the table...


  5. Again, another great analysis and read. To echo what was mentioned in the comments, I would love to see the defensive side of the ball too! Am I asking too much :)? FWIW, this is still a great blog just as it is. Thanks again and Go Buckeyes!